Our philosophy

Besides exclusive dealer of some exclusive Italian brands, we are also very active as a broker for second-hand boats.
We are convinced that everyone deserves a good service when buying a boat, regardless of the budget or type of boat.
That’s why we give the same support for the second-hand market customers as for the new market.


We have a very large network, inside and outside Europe.
We have our own Benelux network, with offices in the 3 countries.
In addition, we have many professional contacts that we maintain during the various trade fairs (abroad).
These contacts are crucial at times when a second-hand boat is put on the market.
This must be done vigorously, on a large scale.

Manner of working

We go through the entire sales process with you.
We start with the preparation of a thorough file (and taking pictures) for publication.
All visits to the boat are guided and followed by us. We also provide the necessary documents for sale.


The following options can be added to the contract:

Photo reportage by a professional photographer
360 ° camera images of the boat
Use of a drone during photo reportage
Making a ground plan of the boat
Technical inspection of the boat
Cleaning of the boat


If desired, we can also discuss a trade-in of your boat on the purchase of another boat.
We will then look for a suitable boat for you.
We always do this without obligation and in consultation with you.

Want to sell your boat?
Please contact us!